How Sci-fi influenced technology

The science-fiction world bedazzles adults and children alike. Science fiction has a great impact on the society and has inspired people in science to pursue careers that have resulted in technological advancements such as developments in artificial intelligence, wireless internet, satellites, rockets, cloning, etc.

Science fiction can be anything, novels, TV shows, or movies, it never disappoints. It reveals a realm of possibility and gives everyone something to look ahead. Seeing the iron man using cool tech or the galaxy is saved by the Jedis using lightsabers, people are in awe, wishing it happens in real life. It is interesting to know how sci-fi influences lifestyle and innovations, and here are a few:

Science Fiction Inspired Inventions


Novels ‘Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea’, ‘Around the World in Eighty Days’ and ‘ Journey to the Center of the Earth’ of Jules Verne made people refer him as ‘Father of sci-fi’.Jules Verne imagined Nautilus, an underwater ship. The vision of Verne of submarine Nautilus inspired Simon Lake, an American inventor that Lake initiated his undersea exploration inventing submarine Argonaut. Verne also congratulated Lake on his Submarine invention.

Cell phone 

The Star Trek original series lived long inspiring adults and kid’s generation. The gadgets of Star Trek was a wireless phone ‘communicator’ that was same as the cell phones of today. Martin Cooper, in the 70s, oversaw the first mobile phone invention and credited the ‘communicator’ of Star Trek for this visual inspiration. Today all of us use Smartphones that contacting has become easy.After many years of research at the R&D facility of Motorola, finally, the portable phone was achieved.

Self Driving Cars

Isaac Asimov, a sci-fi writer wrote for New York Times an article that in fifty years inventions would be displayed. He hypothesized in his essay ‘robot-brain’ cars suitable for self-driving. In 2017, after fifty years, the prediction of Asimov is proving. Major global companies namely Uber, Google, Tesla, Apple, and Lyft are working towards self-driving vehicles sale.


‘Fahrenheit 451’ the famous novel of Bradbury presented a world that outlawed books and ‘fireman’ destroyed. Bradbury presents people distracted by technology and describes it as ‘music and talk- an electronic ocean of sound’. Here Bradbury describes ‘flat-screen TVs to Seashell radio devices’ and how the device is tucked inside the ear cozily. He was almost right and today we see people with earbuds on the bus, at the gym or jogging with earbud headphones.

3D Printer

Another invention from Star Trek Writers is the Enterprise in the original series that has a replicator tool and it was a 3-D printer type device that prepared meals on-demand and also many more.

However, the 3-D printer has evolved to reality but is not a household item. Nevertheless, in 1983, a 3D printer was invented by Chuck Hull using ultraviolet light and photopolymers to create any imaginable object.


Tablets are around now everywhere and it is seen even before the iPad was unveiled by Steve Jobs. People make video calls, play games, make art and complete office work using a tablet.

However, tablets also were shown in Star Trek television series much before as a device similar to iPad and also in 1968 movies ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’.

They were regarded as impossible devices by people and people in the right minds never imagined that these devices will come handy as household things.

Cashless Payments

People in movies wave a card to the sensors and availed services of a metro or a bus.  Making payment using card was not regarded to be a technology.

Today, most giant tech companies incorporated have secured users fingerprints into their Smartphones that users can pay for stuff they buy by merely placing a finger on their phone. Today, it seems a no-brainers task, but the same idea in the past confused many viewers.

The card payment or the cashless payment system was explained in 1997. Edward Bellamy, a novelist used ‘credit card’ term in ‘Looking Backward’ book. In the novel, it was used for some other purpose, but it is interesting to know that a book over a century had the term used, and today it is in reality.

Sci-fi Pros

  • Vision preceding science by contributing to the inspiration pool of humanity that is now transformed into gadgets.
  • Adventure sci-fi provides a galore of entertainment and information. It includes fun aspects namely, androids, robots, interstellar flight, galaxies and planets exploration, superpowers, incredible gadgets, shiny guns, nanotechnology, immortality, time-machines, and lots more.

 Wrapping up

The literature of science fiction reveals that humanity is widespread and is using technology today that is impossible as per the physics rules. There are good sci-fi stories about science innovations and people. It is wonderful to look beyond and imagine the mutants, robots, and spaceships and it is important to know what it means to humans.


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