Novel ways of Starting a Romantic Relationship

The falling in love model is seen in films such that it comes instantly as thunderbolts of passion. It also may come as initial dislike turning later as positive.

In reality, nothing happens this way, or it may be very rare. In the course of hobbies or work, starting a romantic relationship takes place in different ways and speeds.

Different Ways to Start a Romantic Relationship 

A relationship started is fun and exciting for the people involved. It is normal to feel excited and with expert advice or tips handling new relationships assures longer bond. Novel ways of starting a romantic relationship:

Communication is the key

Initially, communication is tricky when the two do not know each other well. Couples work out a rhythm internally, but the most important thing lies in establishing communication.

Remember to take slow steps. Say something and allow them to respond. Carefully, listen to that they say and respond intelligently. If they fail picking up the cue, you should be more careful as it may lead you to clam up or continue with non-stop talking.

If you communicate too soon too much, it shows you are insecure or needy. At the same time, if you are minimally responsive, it shows you are not interested. Good communication is about arriving at a balance.

Dos & Don’ts in New Relationship

There are thumb rules and tips that should be done or should not be done in a relationship. Based on your personalities, it is important to decide.

Likewise, here is a few basic advice that is ‘one-size-fits-all’ with dos and don’ts to abide by:


  • Do not allow the relationship to be one-sided: Make an invitation and wait for their invitation. If they fail to back off a little, wait for them to contact you. You should not be the only person interested in the relationship.
  • Temper your expectations: Starting a relationship is based on expectations. It may be for a longer-term and last for a few months. This time gives you an idea if they or you are a goof together or not. Be ready to adjust your expectations.
  • Do not have too relaxed behavior: courting is good, ensure they do not feel ignored and at the same time if they appear uninterested, try a little courting.
  • Have difficult conversations: There may be some conversations that you believe may screw up a relation, if so you may right away screw it.  You must know the reaction when you disagree or the situation when they disagree. Getting through these smoothly indicates good to go relation.
  • Do not stay in case something is missing: A romantic relationship is when there is trust, love, friendship, intimate, deep passion. If you find that lacking, consider reigniting it, or just leave.

Give the best possible start

If you have met someone finally, here are a few tips to your relationship to keep it running smoothly:

Curb your enthusiasm

If you are extremely happy to have found someone of real connection, do not start immediately posting status updates, informing all your friends, or talking to colleagues incessantly about your beau. Hold back the talks, allow the relationship to grow. Your enthusiasm should be in check, do not jump around as an over-enthusiastic puppy.

Give space to grow

It is tempting to stay in touch with your new mate at all times with email, chats, text, and messaging. However, this will stifle your new love.  Give some space and time to each other look forward, miss each other, and for exciting anticipations.  It is nice to hear you were on their mind.

Show your appreciation

Being appreciated is a nicer feeling. It secures a lasting bond. Showing appreciation with small compliments such as you made me smile, or it is nice talking to you, keep a pleasant feel going. You can appreciate their choice for you or tell their company is enjoyable. Instead of thinking it, say nice appreciative things louder.

Don’t ignore other things of your life

The biggest mistake of a new relationship is many people keep other things of life aside. It is nice that you were friends, shared similar interests and hobbies, and now it has transformed into a romantic relationship.  Yet, devoting your time only to your new love interest may result in placing much pressure on them.

There’s no rush

Try to enjoy each moment of your relationship, and as such, there is no hurry to reach the next stage. There is a need to be sensitive to others feelings so that you do not rush them. There are milestones that you can move starting from online chat to social network, introducing to your family, and so on. There is no need to hurry and scare them.

Create true intimacy with these tips

  • See your partner for what they are: The relationship of romance takes place on viewing a person as they are representing. The rest comes as discovering as to how they change or who they are and evolve.
  • Learn from each other: Learning and mirroring to be a better person is important. Rather than blaming as you are upset with your partner, try to heal. Life is short; do not waste in pointing fingers.
  • Stay comfortable when alone: Accepting love means you must learn to spend time alone, all by yourself. Feeling secure and safe helps to be within the relationship framework and gives a happy and complete feeling.
  • Embrace things focus on love: Happiness includes being close to someone. You may create intimacy, bring awareness to goodness, and love each other. The outcome must be unintentional as it is to be felt more deeply.
  • Unleash expectations: Looking at constant togetherness and romance helps in filling a void. These cause suffering, and if you wish to receive love in specific ways, give it up. There is a need to stay calm, and you will receive love unconsciously. Just unleash the expectations and let go off any pride.

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