Rooted Avidity

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The world regenerates in this mysterious thriller. Horror, crime and revolution featuring John Ross who possesses unearthly powers. The government police must do everything possible so he doesn’t escape the borders with those powers…. John Ross is able to bring back to life Ben his in-law and the brother of Bev.

A never have imagines kind of thriller;

  • Suspense…
  • Excitement,
  • Interest…

Please don’t read this book if you don’t want to be mentally shuffled… And its going for this lowered price because I am trying to meet a target. It will go up soon as I sell a 1,200 copies or by 4th of next month whichever comes first.

Unknowingly Ben is loan indebted to Milokov on a life terms agreement. After the turbulence battle ….does John consider saving Ben the brother to his girlfriend and betray Milokov? -his close pal & friend who saved his life from the government who wanted to kill him… Man who tells tomorrow. Who is supreme….? Milokov, John or Bev?

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Rooted avidity is a horror, crime novel, with mystical thrillers where John Ross possesses unearthly powers. The government police must do whatever possible so he doesn’t escape with those powers. But however, he must save his found love-Bev Flint and Ben in the morgue who has bridge a contract of debt with Milokov. A man who tells the future. Who ruled the world, Milokov, John or her?


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