Tarnished Corse

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Crime & Inhumanity by the Germans Soldiers killing members of the Jews of Basberg. An apartheid system of Government that discriminates against People of Color.  Helmut a German and close friend of a Jew (Kyle-an in-law to the German Officer) features in this blood bash thriller.

The small town of Basberg is populated with mostly Germans and only a fraction of the Jewish extraction. However, they contribute immensely to the economy of Basberg with one of the Jewish sons married to the daughter of a high profile German soldier. But how will this end in this bloody crime novel. Find out by clicking the button below…

There are a lot of exciting memories you will take out of this book;

  1. The suspense the book creates by engaging your brain in an active imagination definitely will not only stimulates you mentally but also develops you mentally.
  2. While this book is inspiring, it will release you stress. That is stress free.
  3. The value of fiction and non-fictional novel. The value of nature and the mystery behind it
  4. You relate and connect with people on another level of intellectual maturity. And lots more that you will benefit from this book

Trust me, you will ever tell of this book to your friend.

Honestly, it is going for this low price because I am trying to meet a target. It will go up soon as I sell a 1,200 copies or by 4th of next month. Which ever comes first.

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Helmut a full blooded German and close friend to Kyle a Jew and in-law to German Officers features in this adventurous bloody thriller. Basberg is populated with mostly Germans and only a fraction of the population is of Jewish. The Jews in the small town are highly respected and close friends of the German citizens, but are left to their fate of survival from the German Nazi Soldiers of Basberg.


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