The Unrevealed Secret

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The unrevealed secret is a paranormal story about a wife Isabella who is being disturbed by the spirit of her husband’s ex. Janella accidentally lost her life on the high way after a sudden heartbreak on a sunning afternoon. Ignorance is not an excuse as Isabella must pay for the sins of her new found lovers. Peace has become a history of the house.  Certainly you will read this novel more than four times.

There are a lot of exciting memories you will take out of this book;

  • The suspense the book creates by engaging your brain in an active imagination definitely will not only stimulates you mentally but also develops you mentally.
  • While this book is inspiring, it will release you stress. That is stress free.
  • The value of fiction and non-fictional novel. The value of nature and the mystery behind it
  • You relate and connect with people on another level of intellectual maturity. And lots more that you will benefit from this book

Years, down the line you can not forget the memories you have with this book and it is going for this lowered price because I am trying to meet a target. It will go up soon as I sell a 1,200 copies or ….by 4th of next month. Whichever comes first.

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The unrevealed secret is a paranormal story about a wife Isabella was been disturbed by the spirit the husband’s ex who lost her life as a result of the heart break. Janella was the bread winner of the house while alive. She lost it psychologically. As a result of her death, the younger sister dropped out of school. A psychologist who was later invited revealed the UNREVEALED SECRET.


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