Unsolved Murder in No: 1046

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The room 1046 tale in the Kansas city of the president hotel leaves no clue at the scene. A mysterious murder of Rowland T Owen, in the year 1935. Apparently this amazing thriller will blow your mind. 100% Guarantee.

The hotel and everyone knows nothing about the true identity of Rowland T Owen neither what is behind his murder.

You don’t want to miss from this benefits I believe;

  • Mental Stimulation;┬áThe suspense the book creates by engaging your brain in an active imagination definitely not only will stimulates your mind but also will develop your brain
  • Stress Release; While this book is inspiring, it will release you stress. That is stress free.
  • Inspiration & Value; The inspiration & value from reading thriller novels. The value of nature and the mystery behind it
  • Relationship with people; You relate and connect with people on another mental level of reasoning.

And so much more …

This novel is absolutely mental stimulating and its going for this lowered price because I am trying to meet a target. It will go up soon as I sell a 1,200 copies or ….by 4th of next month. Which ever comes first.

Room 1046 murder remains a mystery with many questions, and the mystery of this murder lives up to bewilderment. Trust me, you will ever tell this book to your friend

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Unsolved Murder in Room No: 1046


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