The best detective books on your hand

The best detective books on your hand

Reading is so underrated nowadays. Everyone wants to either watch a series, documentary, podcast, or movie. The act of reading a good book is fading away a lot. One has to find time to appreciate the value of reading any crime mystery books or any other genre for that matter.

E-books for you

There are several online stores like Bookwormspro that have e-books for you. You can buy the best suspense books and start with them whenever you want. Because that is the advantage of having an e-book- open your phone/e-reader and start. It is not like before where you have to carry a separate book in your purse or bag. There won’t be any extra weight for the thick book. In this way, you have less of an excuse not to read one.

You can buy an e-book for your travel time. This will make sure you didn’t forget to carry extra crime fiction books separately which is often the case.

The art of reading

Most people don’t read books because of a tiny attention span. It is a lot of hard work to read than watching a movie. Reading is an active form of action and watching or listen is a passive form of action. The act of actually turning a page creates a brief pause for understanding to sink in. Our brains have to work to interpret the black squiggles on the page into words and then infer the meaning and intent of those words. When a personality is described as tall with brown hair, a reader makes her own picture. TV takes all those thoughts away. Watching a video takes away that essence as there is no time to pause and think. Every scene comes quickly after another. So read the best thriller books and see the change because sometimes it’s great to just sit on the sofa and surrender.

Of course, the charm of watching videos is different than reading. Both have their own beauty. But reading makes a person more active in the brain. The process is healthier. You learn new words, new stories, curiosity level kin top thriller books is far different.

You may want to download podcasts and videos, but the art of reading old or new thriller books always is sacred. The old ones, if read after a long gap, gives new meaning to life too. It would be surprising.

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